ICC also offers the opportunity to upgrade conventional cards by retrofitting the Accura Carding Systems. Standard design of Accura Carding Systems is available for all card, under Lickerin (XLZ) and above doffer (XFZ).

Accura XLZ

Accura XLZ - For the Lickerin Zone :
Accura XLZ Carding Systems opens fibre tufts as they enter the carding machine. It is supplied as a single unit of two or more Carding Elements and two mote knives with side support and lickerin undercasing.

The first mote knife removes the heavy trash particles from the fibre tufts, while the Carding Elements facilitate intensive opening of the fibre tufts. The second mote knife removes finer trash particles before the fibres are passed on to the cylinder. This improves the cleaning efficiency of the card.


Accura XBZ

Accura XBZ - For the Back Zone :
Accura XBZ Carding System helps control the movement of the fibres through the carding machine. It consists of 2 or 3 Accura Carding Elements with or without mote knifes, depending on the space available. ICC can also supply extended back zone with 9 to 12 carding elements.

The XBZ further opens the fibres before they reach the carding zone, thereby reducing the stress on the cylinder wire and revolving flat tops. It assists in reducing thick places in the carded sliver and allows the use of higher density cylinder wire and flat tops, thus  improving carding quality at higher speeds.


Accura XFZ

Accura XFZ - For the Front Zone :

The Accura XFZ Carding system consists of upto 7 carding elements with one or two mote knives installed above the doffer. It offers greater control of the fibres, assists in making the fibres more parallel and improves yarn quality.

The XFZ extracts trash and short fibres, reduces neps and imperfections in the web, making the transfer of fibre to the doffer easier. The mote knife can be adjusted to individual requirements, depending on the trash content in the fibre being processed and the trash is collected through the special suction system of the card.


Accura XBZ-E

New Accura XBZ - E : Reduction in number of revolving flats.Increase in production rate.
ICC's latest development, Accura XBZ - E is an extension of the XBZ. Accura XBZ - E leads to a better opening of fibres before they enter into the carding zone. As well as better removal of trash particles and short fibres at the mote knife and extractor unit. The number of revolving flats are reduced, including the number of working flats in the carding zone.
The result :

  • Longer life of cylinder wires and tops.
  • Reduction in yarn imperfection i.e. thick/thin places and neps.
  • Reduction in flat waste
  • Increased production rates.

As with the other Accura Carding Elements, XBZ - E can be easily fitted onto your your present cards, without any modifications. Presently, ICC has ready models for retrofitting Accura XBZ - E on Reiter C-1/2 and C-1/3 cards.
New developments inlude extended XBZ with 7 carriers and extended XFZ with 5 carriers with extractor units for Trutzschler DK 740 cards.
Accura Carding Elements - a practical, mechanical design Accura carding Elements are made of stabilized, hardened aluminium alloy for a long-free life on your machines.

To install the Accura Carding Elements, no major modification on your machine needs to be carried out. They are designed for easy servicing which can be done by the mill personnel themselves.
Accura Carding Elements are interchangeable and available in a wide range of PPSI to suit the fibres being processed and are colour coded for instant identification.

ICC will be pleased to assist you through its trained representatives in selecting the best combination of Carding Elements for your requirement.